Questions about pain

Pain is an unpleasant sensation ranging from mild to unbearable. It occurs when something external, for example temperature or physical pressure, damages tissue and triggers our sensory nerves within the body. Pain is mediated by the nervous system and is a complex phenomenon. In conditions like osteoarthritis, sprains or strains, the joint or the surrounding muscles can become inflamed or swollen, which can cause pain. This is part of the body’s defense mechanism. Modern medicines help to control these symptoms.

Inflammation or swelling is a sign that your body is experiencing pain. When starting the healing process the body responds to an external trigger, such as temperature or physical pressure, by swelling at the affected area. This allows increased blood flow to the site of pain which then leads to redness and/or heat.

Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation within a joint. The inflammation can have many causes. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the UK, with an estimated 8.5 million people suffering with it and 1 million people seeking medical help every year. In osteoarthritis the cartilage becomes thinner and may even disappear completely. The changes in the cartilage cause inflammation, especially in the early stages of osteoarthritis. Eventually bony outgrowths and loss of cartilage make the joint very stiff and difficult to move. Over time the pain may decrease and eventually disappear altogether, although the bumps and swelling may remain, which may bend fingers sideways if the osteoarthritis is in the hands for example.

Depending on the type of pain you are suffering, you can take specific actions to help speed up your recovery time or decrease the impact it has on your wellness. Good nutrition, appropriate application of cold or warmth to the painful area, resting in some cases, or mild exercise in some others, are well-accepted supportive measures to recover or increase your health. In the days after an injury, you may also find it useful to follow the PRICE emergency plan: PROTECT the area from further damage – e.g. stop the activity you were doing REST the area over the next 3-5 days depending on how quickly the area recovers ICE the area frequently to prevent excessive swelling and further tissue damage COMPRESS the area using stretchy bandage or tubigrip ELEVATE the area whenever possible as this helps reduce the swelling Remember you can consult your health care professional if you need further information.

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Questions about Aboniki Balm

Aboniki Balm has a unique formulation which helps the active ingredients to penetrate into the skin and provide long lasting deep relief you deserve

When the body/muscle is damaged or aches, certain chemical signals (prostaglandins) are produced and they promote inflammation and pain. Aboniki works by providing penetrating heat that works to unwind tight, aching muscles and increases circulation to help soothe pain away and leave cooling and moisturising effect.

Aboniki Balm can be purchased

Please consult your pharmacist or doctor for further advice on which product to use.
*To minimise the risk of buying inferior Aboniki Balm we recommend to buy from our distributors.

Aboniki Balm can be purchased from your pharmacist or in supermarkets without a prescription. For further advice on where to purchase Aboniki Balm products please refer to the previous question. Please consult your pharmacist or doctor for further advice on which product to use..


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